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Fermentation in Cheese

By Audrey Stange

Learn from Rogue Creamery’s “Ambassador of Moo,” how the process of fermentation turns milk into your favorite cheese and how fermentation and aging impact what types of cheese gets crafted!

demo misco

Amazing power of Koji, the essential of Japanese food culture. Learn its role in the centuries old culinary traditions and how to incorporate miso into your cooking.

By Midori Uehara

Join Midori Uehara as she takes us on a journey to her homeland of Japan and introduces us to Koji, the hardworking mycelium, a fungus responsible for flavor explosion found in Miso, shoyu (soy sauce), mirin, sake, and rice vinegar. Midori, the founder of Mido’s Miso grows Koji on rice, here in Oregon. Her products include Chickpea and Soy Miso. A presentation not to be missed as she teaches different ways of using miso in your cooking.

forest to grass

Forest to Glass

By Faith Dionne

Let’s talk about spruce tips, fermentation processes and flavor makers used in craft alcohol production. Faith Dionne of Jaz Spirits will share her foraging knowledge which she so masterfully uses in creating spirits with uniquely Oregon flavor profiles.

feremenation basics

Fermentation Basics 

By Sash Sunday

In this session Sash Sunday will discuss the history of fermentation, give an overview of the science, and discuss how fermented vegetables can make your meals more nutritious, delicious, and help you waste less food!  She will discuss the three primary conditions you can manipulate when fermenting vegetables and how those impact flavor and texture.

wild apples

What is a wild apple and why they are so instrumental in year-round preservation. Exploring the many benefits of this underutilized resource

By Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly founder and cidermaker at WildCraft Cider Works on what is a wild apple and why they are so instrumental in year-round preservation. Exploring the many benefits of this underutilized resource. 


Family Friendly Kimchi: Cultural Significance in Korean Cooking & Culture

By Cindy Yi

Traditional family recipes have been passed down through generations, and Cindy Yi of Cindy Yi Radish Kimchi will be sharing the love and culture that flavors her product and suggestions for incorporation into your family’s lifestyle.


What is Fermentation? When did Humans Start Fermenting? Learn how to make quick brined radishes

By Alex Lewin

Join Alex Lewin, author of “Real Food Fermentation,” who is on a mission to make fermentation practical for modern people. Alex will show us how to make quick brined radishes. Learn about what is fermentation, when people started fermenting, and how fermentation can make our lives better.


Learn how to make cocktails, mocktails and desserts with Moxi Brew Kombucha Shrub.

By Moxie Brew

Get ready! Moxie Brew team will teach how to incorporate Kombucha Shrub into your next party. They will demonstrate exciting ways to use shrub in cocktails, mocktails and desserts.

Country sourdough boule cooling on the bread rack

How to Make Country Sourdough Bread

By Philippe Garcia

Meet French bread baker, and Rogue Valley resident, Philippe Garcia as he takes us on a journey of sourdough bread making, its history and health benefits. Watch step by step presentation on how to make sourdough bread and enjoy a sample or two.